30th Reunion

Reunion messages from our 30th.

Roy Dennis
I would like to thank all the people on the reunion committee for their hard work and effort for putting together our 30th High School Reunion. I’ve been having an internal battle with myself, whether I should go to the reunion, or not.  I finally decided this morning.  But I still could not put my finger on why I wanted to go back for my 30th High School Reunion.  Well, after much deep thought and contemplation (and a few cold ones) I finally figure it out!!!!!!!!!!!

Reason # 10 why I want to go to my High School Reunion……….Any one who knew me in High School would not believe that I go to Church every Sunday with my family (except when we are snow skiing at Sun Rise Park in Northern Arizona)
Reason # 9 why I want to go to my High School Reunion………. I can’t wait to show off the great sun tan I have from living in Arizona for the last 30 yrs (even the top of my head is tan)
Reason # 8 why I want to go to my High School Reunion………..I want to see if I’m the only person there wearing cowboy boots (I didn’t buy my first pair until 1980 in Las Vegas)
Reason # 7 why I want to go to my High School Reunion………I want to see if I’m the only HF graduate with a 17yr daughter who wants to join the military so she can kill terrorists (no kidding, the recruiter was here two weeks ago and all my daughter wanted to know about is how she can get to the front lines with a gun)
Reason # 6 why I want go to my High School Reunion……….I want to see if global warming is having any effect on Chicago (last time I was there in the 1970’s the wind chill was 40 degrees below zero)
Reason # 5 why I want to go to my High School Reunion………..Who is Jim Anfield?  I want to meet the dude who put the great web page together for our reunion…. oh, I’m sorry, is “dude” still used in the 21st century?
Reason # 4 why I want to go to my High School Reunion………..I want to see if Lassen’s Tap still has the “ambiance” that it had back in 1976.
Reason # 3 why I want to go to my High School Reunion…………It’s been at least 28 years since I’ve had Aurelio’s Pizza (they had a store in Scottsdale back in the 70’ but I refused to go because there’s nothing like the original).
Reason # 2 why I want to go to my High School Reunion…………To see how many guys from HF married a women from Kentucky who is a published author (Anne wrote Taming the Diabetes Dragon for our son, who was diagnosed with Diabetes at age 26 months, he’s 14 now and 3 inches taller than me….5’-9”)
Reason # 1 why I want to go to my High School Reunion…………I got a great deal on Travelocity, round trip from Phoenix to Chicago, 4 day car rental, for only $377.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and hopefully I can get in the “Flossmoor Hills Gang” photo.
Jan (Peard) Weseman
My husband and I are now retired from Silicon Valley software careers. We split our time between our homes in the San Francisco bay area and Santa Barbara. When not busy with our 4 girls, now 16, 19, 21 & 24, we spend our time bike riding, playing tennis and attending music concerts. In the last few years we’ve seen Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen, Average White Band, Sting, Paul Simon, Don Henley, Jimmy Buffet, Elvin Bishop, Van Morrison, Graham Parker, Peter Tork of the Monkeys, Bonnie Raitt, Brian Wilson, Emmilou Harris, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, Elvis Costello, Counting Crows, Los Lobos, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, R.E.M, Steve Winwood, James Taylor, Ray Davies, Tommy Roe (Dizzy), Willy Nelson, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Dan Folgelberg and Elton John.  We’ve also been lucky enough to be able to travel some and have had wonderful trips to Jamaica, Europe, Cancun, and the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.  We’ve pulled a lot of hair out raising four girls, the youngest now in high school. Having very clear memories of our own childhood, we’ve given them their freedom while maintaining very strict rules on designated drivers and curfew.  All in all, I feel very blessed and look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Ben  “Buddy”  Sherman  (Had to drop the “Buddy” when I turned 21!)
I’m truly sorry I can’t attend the festivities this weekend but I will miss seeing all of you.  I have lived in the Milwaukee area since 1986.  I still dabble in some radio work, but my life has taken me to the Dell Corporation where I am a sales leader.  I hope to hear from some of you soon.  Have a great time.

Dana Growden
Give my regards to all but I just cannot make it this year, much to my dismay. I had a ball at the 20 year one and would love to be at this one.  I would love to hear from those I’ll miss this year!  Maybe Mary Ward could send pictures of the old Flossmoor Hills Gang.

Craig Burkhardt
Congratulations to the committee that pulled together the event, which unfortunately I will not be able to attend.  After graduating from HF, Urbana and law school, I was a partner at a Springfield, Illinois law firm for 20 years.  There I specialized in representing utilities and universities on legal and legislative matters.  In 2000 I was one of the election lawyers for Bush in Florida, which eventually led to me joining his administration in Washington for a few years.  Eight months ago I joined a large law firm out here.  My wife Barbara and I now reside in downtown DC, where we live close to the White House.  In addition to fine memories of friends, one of the things I am grateful to the Homewood public schools and HF for is a great music education.  I sing in a fine choir and occasionally think of times in the Viking Choir.

Randy Oppenheimer
Chicago is still my all time favorite city, after having lived in Champaign, Rockford, Brooklyn, Boston, San Diego and last but not least Scottsdale, AZ.  All the moves were for my medical training.  I am an ENT surgeon by day and actor by night.  It is hard to believe I am still married (to the same woman!) 20 years. We have 2 great daughters ages 14 and 17.  After looking at the messages we seem to have a number of HF’rs here in Scottsdale.  Maybe we should have a mini reunion here sometime.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the reunion.  Congratulations to all the organizers, you did a great job and hello to everyone who is attending.

Bob Keigher
Great job by the reunion committee, thank you. I am flying from Los Angeles tomorrow where the current temp is colder than Homewood, imagine that….. Maybe I will get a tan this weekend! Looking forward to having a cold beer at Lassen’s and eating some decent pizza for a change!

Michael Pignotti
It’s been a pleasure to be part of the reunion committee.  I have many fond memories of HF but when you heard someone say, “Party at Thralls!” well, that was special.

Caryl (Hopkins) Wade
I want to thank everyone who has helped to pull this reunion together to reunite with old friends. I moved to the West Coast 25 years ago and realized how much my old friends meant to me with the passing of Suzie Wray, her light shines on us all !! Life is short, I try and live life as if today’s is the last day and I believe in …. Living It Up !!! Rock on Class of 76 !!!!

Cheryl (Smith) Hoecker
Just wanted to say that I wish I could be there with everyone.  Seeing all of the people going, brings back great memories.  I know that you will all have a good time.  I have lived in Iowa for the past 5 years now.  Believe me we do more than watch the corn grow! It is truly a great place to live. I have a great husband that I’ve been married to for the last 28 years, and 3 great kids.  All grown up and on there own.  I will raise my glass to you all Sat. night, and remember the good times we’ve all had, and miss those who have left us.   Keep in touch it would be great to hear from from everyone.

Wayne Higgins
I’m sorry that I will not be able to attend the reunion. My hat is off to the organizers for doing a terrific job. I really enjoyed reading the messages from old HF friends. After leaving Homewood via Champaign Urbana, I headed for Penn State and a PhD in Meteorology. I met my wife, Sharon, at a PSU football game – and together after 22 years we have 3 great kids (2 boys and a girl; 2 children adopted from Russia). We currently live in Columbia, Maryland – I work in Washington as the Principal Climate Scientist for NOAA National Weather Service and Sharon works in Baltimore as Professor and Head of the Department of Speech Pathology at Towson University. Both of us can’t believe we are staring 50 in the face – and are doing our best to stay young. Wishing the best to all!

Vernon Patrick Chmielewski
I’m on my fifth business and each one was a people business. I thought I would run into many of my classmates, but it didn’t happen. I had a lifetime of experiences but, often it seems like a blur that didn’t have much meaning. No memories were more influential to whom I’ve become more than the memories I cherish about HF. It seemed like high school went by so fast, didn’t it.   I look forward to seeing everyone. It would be great if we could embrace our memories further with a HF golf outing, boat party, or more frequent annual get-togethers.

Bob Thomas
I can’t wait to see everyone. Work has taken me far from Homewood over the years, living overseas for about 8 years, and then both coasts of the US. I didn’t get back home as much as I’d hoped to. The passing of some great old friends really hit me hard: Kerry Quinn (a great guitarist with whom I played a lot of music in the old days), Doug Baker, Darlene Spiewak, Sue Wray, and Bob Gailey. Gone but not forgotten!

Diane (Littleton) Kieffer
I can’t wait to see everyone again. Too bad those that dropped out in senior year can’t be with us, we did have a lot of fun!!!

Patricia (Jawor) Shoemaker
My favorite memory of high school is being in Ms. Sprayberry’s Leaders’ class. It was the best!!!!! And then graduating in 3 1/4 years.

Bob Diamond
Cannot believe 30 years has passed since we graduated. Stay positive, live each day to the fullest, as if it was your last day, and treat people how you would want to be treated.

Jeff Delaney
Didn’t learn of the big event before already making plans for the first weekend in March. I’m sorry that I can’t be there!  Enjoying life in Colorado.  Love to hear from old friends.

Pam (Salvato) Hansen
I’m looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones. Let’s keep in touch!

Emily (Wolfson) Inman
Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Jan (Thrall) Mazza
Thanks to all who had a part in planning our “30th” reunion. It’s great to see everyone and to those who could not attend, we miss you!!!

Eric Wasiolek
It will be great to see everyone. I remember my high school years fondly. Probably the main thing of interest I did in my life besides working in Silicon Valley was travel the world. My wife and I have traveled extensively in Asia, Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, and the Americas. After my first year of college I lived and worked in France and Germany. I also enjoy speaking foreign languages, skiing (water and snow) and playing keyboards.  Upon a recent visit to Chicago, I attended and HF football game (against Carl Sandburg) and cheered on the old red and white (we won).

Brad Cole
I told my 13 year old daughter I was going to my 30th high school reunion and she says, “dad, that’s like, so old” and I said “honey, growing up was never one of my strengths”!

Michael Holzman
If I only knew then what I know now, I can only imagine how much more fun I could have had in High School. It was a great experience! Come visit me and my family when you are in Scottsdale, AZ.

Linda (Septow) Bachmann
Wow — 31 years. It’s amazing how many faces I can remember when I see a listing of Class of ’76 names, many of which I have seen in years. Hope everyone is healthy, happy and satisfied with what has transpired in your life over the decades.

Donna Ruby
Looking forward to seeing everyone!! Its been awhile. Time sure does fly by. My message to everyone is to appreciate what you have and the people in your life!!! Life is short and every day is precious. Smile more and be a part of the peace we seek in the world by spreading love and light!

Bob Richmond
Married HF class of 78 graduate Laurie Diewald, we have 2 daughters attending St. Josephs school in Homewood.

Karen (Shimkus) Silhavy
Hoping to see Pos, Maloni and Utecht.   Thanks to all who helped pull this party together.

Kevin Duffy
To one and all, – Healthy happy kids and family, stay fit, and enjoy life!!!  All the best, “Kato”

Jeanne (Hughes) Przystup
Boy, I remember laughing at my father when he went to his 30th reunion. Ha, Ha, I guess the laugh is on me. I can’t believe that we’re doing this a third time. But I’m really glad that we are/did. Now, what have I done in that short time span. Um…Live. Yes….Live. I was single till I was 33, so I worked in child care and traveled. I married Ken in 1991 and we had our daughter, Trish, 5 years later. I/we always lived around the Homewood/Park Forest area but in 1998, when Trish was 2 we moved to New Buffalo Michigan. Yes, we live in the week-end worrier capitol for Chicagoans. Population 3000 in the winter and 20,000 in the summer. So, if you are one of the Chicagoans that love my town as much as I do, come on by. I live 2 blocks from Rios’ Restaurant. I also work part time at the Mad Scrapper across from Oinks. So if you’re a scrapper stop in.

Susan Spallina
I lived in downtown Chicago for the last twenty years. I just got married (for the first time!) in Sept 2006 to Nick Treantafeles. We have a home in Homer Glen and we kept my condo in the city!  I sold printing for 25 years, the last 20 years of which, I was self-employed. I now sell for the largest coated fine paper mill in the US.  This is a great time in my life, I have good health, a wonderful and handsome husband, and a great career!

Monica (Shulze) Wehmeier
As the reunion approaches, I have been having fun remembering the people, places and good times from my high school years. I look forward to re-connecting with many friends who, while we have been out of touch, have always stayed green in my memories. Thanks to the reunion committee for putting this opportunity together.

Dan Tarpley
Our class was large. I did not know all that many people. I started HF as a Junior and hung with older students most of my first year. Looking forward to seeing everyone I knew and perhaps meeting new classmates.

Phillip Serviss
I still want to know who snitched on everyone that was jumping from the balcony of the pool. I still have my 3 day suspension letter! I am on the Glenwood Fire Dept. as a Lt. EMT for 11 years. I have been in 8 movies as a extra such as “Last of the Mohicans”, “Road to Perdition” and “The Weather Man” I am most proud that I have been married 25 years and my two daughters have graduated 2002 and 2005 from HF also.

Mary (Ward) Meland
I’m really looking forward to updating the “Flossmoor Hills Gang” photo — I hope those missing from the last photo will make it this year. And I plan to beat Kevin Wright at a pool game in Lassen’s basement this year!

Meryl (Ohlhausen) Kasdan
Sorry, I can’t make it to the reunion. Timing is everything! Have a blast.

Sanford Rusnak
I feel I have accomplished a lot, considering I didn’t do much in high school or college.  I have been married 21 years. I have two wonderful kids. I have been in my own business since 1983. I am currently president of Congregation AM Echad in Park Forest. I have 2 antique cars. One of them a 1958 Edsel is currently in a documentary on WTTW.

Steve Bayles
What’s it all about after 30 years? I have worked in business, met my beautiful wife of 20 years, taught high school kids for 14 years and love living in Flossmoor. My daughter and son will be soon to be HF Grads as a senior and freshman. They are what it is all about 30 years later… Make the best of your lives class of 76!

Beth (Krengel) Elman
I am looking very forward to reconnecting with all my old friends and remembering all of our memories as well as hearing about their journeys after high school.

Karen (Janser) Heffner
Although I have lived in NYC, Connecticut, and San Antonio since graduation, I always manage to return to the Chicago area. Our parents still live in the same house we grew up in, so Homewood will always be HOME.

Sandy Scheel
Due to bad timing and other extenuating circumstances, this will be my first reunion appearance. I am very much looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and catching up on our lives. And hopefully, I don’t hear “You look just like your high school picture” (God forbid!).  A big thank you to the reunion committee for all their efforts. It is greatly appreciated.

John Murphy
The reunion committee did a fantastic job on the web site and preparations. Thank you.

Kevin Dolan
Can Keith Wilcox still fit his whole fist in his mouth?

Julie Durrant
I’m looking forward to seeing Karen Janser, Sue Fog, Mike Bentz, Jan Shutan, Jan Thrall, and many other friends, Viking Choir buddies, and boys, now men, I had a crush on, who never knew it.

Louis Buttice
“GREAT JOB” to the reunion committee members.  In today’s demanding world of “go go go”, it’s nice to have a break to see our friends and classmates from years past. Time really does fly. Cheers!

Kathy (Forestell) Pound
Looking forward to seeing everyone again. High school was such a blast. I hope to find that everyone has been good to themselves. Things happen. Did we remember our great 70’s attitude to help locate the “silver linings?”

Erin (Moriarty) Kreutz
My HF memories are the greatest! I still keep in touch with a lot of friends. We do a girls trip every year and laugh for 5 days straight. I am excited to see everyone at the reunion.

Mike Samulowitz
Glad to be alive to see the 30 years and see who is bald and who GAINED pounds. I did.

Mike Dinges
After a long career as an illustrator, working in Chicago in the advertising and design world, I went back to school and earned my Masters of Fine Art degree from the University of Chicago in 2005. I have now embarked on an exclusively fine art career, and have so far exhibited my work in museums here in Chicago and at other venues in New York, Florida and other parts of the country. I live in Oak Park, with my wife (of 25 years) Robin, and we both happily work out of our house on our various interests and projects.

Tom Parsons
I’ve released 3 tapes and a CD of original electronic music since 1984. Currently I teach piano lessons privately in the home in the Homewood-Flossmoor area. I’d like to thank Walter Rodby for his patience and inspiration in my music career. I’d like to remember Michael Henry for being a good friend.

Deborah (Dalke) Campbell
I wish each of us peace with their past, present & future selves.

Janet (Goldstein) Sills
Looking forward to the 30th reunion. It’s been fun helping to plan it and getting reacquainted with many of my classmates.  Homewood-Flossmoor Class of ’76 turned out lots of great students, friends, people. I’m proud to say I’m part of “US”!!!

Natalie Venezia
It is great to be back in touch with my classmates!

Janis (Pressendo) Atkinson
I wish everyone good health and hope you are having as much or more fun now than when we were in high school.  They say the 40’s are the new 20’s and I’m buying it. If you exercise and eat right you can be as strong and healthy as you were 20 years ago. (Of course good luck and good genes play a part, too, but we have less control over these things).  After my first born went off to college I started training in martial arts (at age 46) and now have a first degree black belt. I never thought I could do it. I discovered I had more potential than I thought possible at my age. I also enrolled in a language class and have learned to speak Greek.  My message is this: We may be older but we still have incredible physical and mental potential, and of course, we are much wiser. Challenge yourself. Learn something new. Enjoy every day.

Vicki (Clatfelter) Lindberg
I’m sorry that I will not be able to attend the reunion. We live in the Seattle, WA area and have a son in college at Boise State University majoring in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine and a daughter in high school. Rick and I just celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary and have loved living on the west coast since 1984. We don’t have any family in the H-F area anymore, but maybe we’ll come back and visit Mary Ward/Meland for the 35th!!

Sue (Fog) Linscheid
I feel both proud and humbled to be a part of the Class of ’76! In some ways, it’s something I had no control over. I find myself celebrating and marveling at many of our classmates’ achievements! I also feel a sense of loss for those of our class that have died –way too young, I might add.   We shared a specialness–being the Class of ’76. Many of you attended kindergarten with me at James Hart. I was very fortunate to have come up in the Homewood-Flossmoor school system. Having moved six times since I married my husband, I have not been able to reproduce such a positive school experience for my own children. I home-schooled for seven years to try to make school positive and so they would learn something.   Since being class president for a few years in high school, my greatest accomplishments have been being a Mom to my three boys, staying married to my husband, and trying to walk in faithfulness to God.

Brian O’Connor
Hi to all: I won’t be able to make it, but send regards to all.

Becki Bernard
Experience is the best teacher, but the tuition can be very costly. I hope this finds each and everyone of you Happy, Healthy and Living in the moment…each one, a Gift.

David Pyles
I hope all of my classmates are doing well and that they are happy and healthy. I look forward to seeing some old friends.

Bill James
Looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago for a great Reunion this coming March!

John Sarantakos
It is hard to believe that 30 years have passed.  After HF I ended up in a lot of places, but never back on the south side.  I have been back a few times and I always looked for familiar faces and even found a few from time to time.  For the most part however, I lost touch with all of you.  You don’t think about it at the time, but it was far too easy to let life take over and force us forward.  For this reason I truly regret not being able to attend this year’s reunion.
As for me, I am a senior administrator at the University of Oklahoma and run one of the countries largest university printing and mailing facilities.  I have been in education since graduating from Western Illinois.  I taught high school in Pontiac, IL for 5 years.  I was a Professor of Graphics at Central Missouri State University for 7 years.  I left teaching when I moved to Indiana University as the Director of Production at IU Printing Services.  I spent almost 10 years in Bloomington IN.  Since 1997 I have been at OU.  I have had a very successful professional life.  I have often thought it strange to have spent my life in education, when I was at best a marginal student.
I am pleased to say that my family is happy and healthy.  My wife Diane and I have two beautiful little girls.  We have been married for 13 years.  Diane is the Executive Director for the American Diabetes Association in Oklahoma City.  My daughters Shelby and Madison are excellent students and state champion swimmers.  Shelby is 12 and has traveled to several national swim competitions.  Madison is the top nine year old in the state.  My son Towner just turned 19 this month and is in the Navy.  He is stationed at Great Lakes Naval Base.
I have a ton of great memories, of you my classmates.  I find myself reflecting back to those days more and more.  To say they were simpler times would be a gross understatement.  The Reunion Committee has done a great job and I appreciate their hard work.  Having an up to date e-mail list will allow us to better stay in touch.
My hope is that each of you has found happiness in your lives and prospered with your families and vocations.

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