You are a classmate of the HF Class of 1976 if you were part of the group that entered HF in the fall of 1972 and were scheduled to graduate in the spring of 1976.  Even if you moved, attended partial years, or had a delayed graduation, we consider you a classmate and your name should be included on one of these lists. And of course, you are invited to the Reunion.

Found (570)

Missing (457)

You are on the Found list if we have a valid email address, or working phone number, or you are part of the HF Class of 1976 Facebook group.  Found also includes our classmates who are no longer with us. Otherwise, you are on the Missing list and we are actively looking for you.

If you are Missing (or if you have information on somebody on this list), send this information including your name (high school last name) plus your email address, address, and phone numbers to Contact Us.